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Forums built for your community

Our forum is built to look good, feel good, and most importantly bring your community to one unified place

Easy to use Dashboard

Use on any device, access your community instantly

Member management

Easily ban bad members, lock your community to invite only, and more!

Rich customization

Theme your entire community, add images to categories, boards, servers, etc.


Fully integrated localization with no maintenance!

Easy to use store, built for Source

Monetize your community with our rich party-first integration, no monthly payment.


Unlimited packages

Make as many packages as you want, no purchase necessary


Noclip uses Stripe to securely and easily pay you out daily

Developer Friendly

Built with developers in mind, our game integrations are open source!

Control over fees

Decide if you or the user pays the platform fee, while remaining transparent!

Modern loading screen, because your community deserves it.

Our platform is built to look good, feel good, and most importantly bring your community to one unified place

One click setup

No setup required, works with your community theme!


Add background images to make your loading screen stand out!

Game aware

Knows exactly what server your members are on, what game mode and more!


Noclip was built by developers who love building for developers

Versioned API

Long term support for the version you use in game

Simple route based parameters

Get the resource you need, no fussing about with query params

Rich testing

Replicate and replay events, assign yourself packages, and more easy tools to debug your integration!

Noclip Rainbow

Get an enhanced experience with Noclip Rainbow. for a one-time purchase of $10.00. Stand out across all of Noclip with profile and community customizations!


MyBroFrostyTTV purchased Rainbow

10 hours ago

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Rainbow Features

More Communities

Get up to 5 communities when you are upgraded with rainbow

More servers

Add up to 10 servers on any community you are an administrator or are an owner of!

Apply for discovery

You can apply for your server to be displayed on the front page and the discovery page!

Change your vanity domain

You can contact us about changing your sub-domain!

Theme system

Change the color palette of your site, giving it a unique look!

Thread Backgrounds / Color

Add a background image or a background color to your threads all across Noclip!

Profile Cover

Add a background image to your profile for more customization!

Category / Board Backgrounds

On your communities, you will be able to add background covers to categories and boards!

Custom Color Username

Pick your perfect username color, and username glow! Works across all communities!

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